Recently the huge city of Philadelphia, has grown to be a lot smaller. I have established two good friends, Shorty and Gypsy. I’ve hung out with Shorty a bunch of times. She works at Pat and is a short light brown lady with a fro. She’s in her 30s but hardly acts like it. She runs around 12 miles 4 days a week, has ADHD, is working on quitting smoking (so that number may increase), loves candy and has a general craziness to her.

Gypsy is a volunteer at Pat. We had great fun volunteering there on Tuesdays, then I started working on Tuesdays. We had a fun hang out session in China town, and then I got to see her parents house because we didn’t feel like eating out. Gypsy is a 19 yr old nanny. She is extremely open and forward about her feelings, and knows she is pretty awesome (she’s right). She gives me great insights into myself and encourages me to be who I wanna be, and I feel like I’ve known her for years.

In addition to those friends. I also feel my world getting even smaller. Today someone came into Keswick and said, “You must be, yeti.” Turns out she works at Keswick and she had breakfast with my roomies this morning. Then on my way home I peered over the edge of a dumpster and turned around to find Harold. Harold works at Firehouse bikes, where I get my bike tires for the belts. Turns out he is friends with friends of my roommates.

It seems like I’ve stumbled upon a small network of cool people, divers, bikers, crazies. I feel like the next few months I may just end up with small group of friends. Something I sort of figured didn’t exist in the “real world.” But life does go on despite the pressure of the real world.


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