Views of Chaos

The world makes most sense to me when I think of it being filled with chaos.

This is what I think when riding the train to work. I see nice neighborhoods, and shitty ones. Some of the worse one’s are being torn down to be replaced by students housing, forcing the poor, and almost certainly black, folks further and further out of town. These are the same folks that make the whole city run. They do all of the necessary tasks that so few of us notice. From cleaning plates and picking up garbage to making sure the trains run and the power works.


The view I enjoy most in this city is a view from a small park in west philly. You see the beautiful skyline, filled with skyscrapers. But if you are smart to sit close you can also see the inner workings of the city, the gears that function in order to keep this view as pretty as it is. There are electrical wires dangling, trash, train tracks, decrepit bushes and a dirt parking lot. This dirty view helps complete the pretty one, it’s the ugly yang to the ying of the city.

The view helps you view the city the way that it is. It reminds me of all the awful things that go on behind closed doors to ensure the perfect view I can see. The view that is just beyond the electrical wires and train tracks.


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