Journey through old Philadelphia

Cider came up to visit over the past week, and so did Malibu. They both came by for a bbq on 4/20. But this story isn’t about that but about Cider and my journey through Philadelphia.

The journey was for a photography gig she got. She was told to take photos of 4 locations in Philadelphia, and I was along for the ride, and to get photos taken of me.

Destination 1: Bartram’s Garden
-Before successfully arriving at this destination we got lost. We found ourselves just beyond the garden. There was a large concrete slab stretching about a third of a block. On the edge of this slab was a pile of rubble, which turned out to be the building. Apparently this is what happens to buildings when they are done, they become piles of rubble. On the top of the hill you could see a TV garden, and more buildings destined to be rubble. Cider took a lot of pictures here, mostly very hipster ones, hopefully she’ll post some soon.
-Then we finally got to the garden, which is the oldest botanical garden in the U.S. with the oldest Ginko tree in the New World. The place wasn’t very exciting other than that. It wasn’t anything compared to nature areas in State College, but it was very nice compared to nature areas in Philadelphia. Cider and I agreed that we would both go to this garden again.

Destination 2: Food
-We back to where we had come from, the city, and went into Chinatown to the oldest vegetarian restaurant in philly, New Harmony. This restaurant is ranted and raved about online, with reviews of 4 and 4.5 stars, and I also heard about it from friends and others in philly. Then we went there. Everything was fine, and seemed just like a normal Chinese restaurant until the main dish came. We both started feeling really hot on the inside while cold on the outside. The food wasn’t particularly good, we were just hungry. My hunger turned to being full, despite knowing I was still hungry. This was a confusing and unenjoyable feeling, the feeling of MSG.
The feeling got worse when we left. It expanding first to our heads. I was light headed and dizzy, and got a headache immediately after leaving and Cider’s headache worsened. Then stomach aches and a desire to throw up. We fought the vomit, but it left me feeling irritable. Making the first 15 minutes of the next destination interesting.

Destination 3: Old Street
Elfreth’s Alley. The oldest street in Philadelphia. That about describes it, it was old, looked old and had a few straggling tourist on it. There was also an old house you could go into. It was really small. It was kind of cool seeing the old house and talking to the tour guide in there. It was a site worth seeing, but not more than once.

Destination 4: Fireman’s Hall Museum
-Final destination. One of the nations premiere fireman museums, with some old old equipment. This my favorite destination, not one I would return to, but certainly favorite. Seeing all the fire fighting equipment was a good time, certainly one you should go to. And the best part about this one is that it doesn’t cost a dime.

Looking for 6 hours well spent, grab a friend and some bikes and you have a plan for the rest of the day.
Purty soon you should see some of the photos from it too., *hint* cider should post them *hint*



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