I’m on a boat mother fucker

After work it was raining and thundering. I just couldn’t resist going out in it, I love weather, especially the crack of thunder, flash of lightning and a nice good hard rain. It was only raining a little bit so I biked around on a bike path by the river side. I was planning on biking around center city, visiting some of their little parks, but I was stopped by a train which was parked in the middle of the bike path.

I decided to wait, but that was exactly when the rain started coming down harder, so I took refuge under Walnut St Bridge. You could easily see the flashes of lightning from under the bridge as well as hear the loud cracks of thunder. I also got to see the rain falling on the river, there is something about rivers that just calms me, and on top of the lightning and thunder I felt very rejuvenated.

Just behind me under this bridge was a boat on a trailer. The boat had a bunch of people in it, hanging out and trying to wait out the rain. After getting my fill of thunder, lightning and rain I began to wander under the bridge and was promptly invited to join them in the boat with them saying, “We have extra room in the boat if you want to sit down… and we have beer.”

Charlie, Nina, Breck and Joe, quickly handed me a 40 of Miller lite and I had myself a drink. They were all coworkers in an arboretum and had found themselves the boat under Walnut St Bridge when it started raining and had welcomed themselves to take a seat. One of them brought the beers and they decided to make a whole night of it. There logic was why go to a bar and pay more for beer, when you can have the same experience and more in a boat under the Walnut St Bridge.

We chatted and drank beer until the rain was over. I looked at the time and it was around my bed time, remembering I had to wake up earlier than normal for work I wished them goodbye, saying maybe I would see them the next thunderstorm under this very bridge. They smiled and wished me a dry ride home.


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