Dear Yeti one year from now

How’s it going. I’m currently doing pretty well. I have been in philly for about 8 months now. The first few months were painful and boring, but now things have become much better. I got work as a bike mechanic and am enjoying the work, I also have found a few good friends here.

The bike shop is outside the city so I get a nice relaxing commute on the trains. I enjoy riding the trains, but I do wish I had more time in the day, I have a hard time even making dinner for myself before going to sleep. I do enjoy working outside of the city though, it gives me the opportunity to work on bikes I wouldn’t be able to in the city. I am working on higher end road and mountain bikes (I even touched an 18,000 dollar bike). I’ve overhauled some fancy rims and suspension forks. I’m learning a good deal and enjoying what I do.

The one thing that’s annoying is my coworkers. While I like all of them, two of them are huge downers. One hates working on bikes, the other one has said his life is miserable. They both bring me down a lot and have put me in a bit of a funk recently. I’m trying to break free and not let them dampen my experience. The other one, pretty boy, is a young mechanic and is very positive, naive and a know-it-all. He is constantly trying to teach people how to do things he doesn’t fully understand. His optimism and drive is irritating, and he doesn’t take criticism at all, instead he tells you your criticism is incorrect and attempts to explain why.

I hope to be able to work as a full time mechanic over the winter, I think there is a good chance of that, though I’m not sure who I would be working with, since one person is going to law school and the other is probably going who knows where. That leaves me and pretty boy, neither of which are experienced enough to head up a shop. If the full time mechanic position doesn’t work I hope to rely upon tire belts and bike tube purses and wallets. Either way I’m going to figure out how to make tube wallets in the fall, either by getting an industrial sewing machine or by figuring out how to vulcanize them together.

My future plans consist of continuing to be a bike mechanic, probably moving to a new shop in the city this coming spring. My current dream job is recumbent frame builder, but who knows when that will change and what to.

Now for my social life. I’m currently single, and not looking. I want to stay single for a while and experience myself, and enjoy myself. When I find myself ready to date again, I hope to find myself a more butch lady, I’m fairly fem so I’d like someone to ying my yang. I’ve got a few good friends around here. I hope to strengthen those relationships as well as expand to more new ones. I would like to get some more politically active friends, and hopefully even become a politically active nihilist. Maybe getting involved with occupy or with some feminist group.

I also hope to start spending time with my college friends in the area. I have 3 friends, two of which are really good friends living in philly. I hang out with them never, and need to start. I also hope to become friends with their friends, because I know they know some pretty cool people. I’d like to know some more divers and start getting out and doing stuff with my friends like running around and exploring, biking, diving or whatever we so choose.

I’ve got a lot planned for the future and to get it all done I really need to learn to manage my time better. Hopefully I will be able to figure out that and by the time you read this you’ll have gone out there and had an awesome time. Also you better have gone camping, maybe even backpacking.



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