Cheap and stingy bastard

Kane came to visit on the last leg of his bike trip. He started last fall in Massachusetts, found himself in Belize, then back in the states in Texas and now made his way up the east coast to go back home. It was good seeing him, for I hadn’t seen him since he first left on the bike trip with Majesty.

Kane has become significantly cheaper since the first bike trip I went on him with. When he plans his route he makes note of Trader Joe’s and throughly checks every grocery store for dumpster, even checking to see if he can climb into trash compacters. This is more drive than I’ve ever hard when looking for food, and it’s inspiring me to renew my dumpster search in and around Philadelphia.

I plan on searching West Philly for bakeries, and spreading my search farther outwards to suburbs for grocery stores. It will also give me a good excuse to get in a good 20 mile or so ride.

He also reminded me of who I was, a cheap stingy bastard. It’s easy to forget when everyone around me is buying things. Most people aren’t good at making due, but instead making doe and spending it. So I remind myself that I don’t need a new bike, I don’t need new most things. Make due and improvise.

On a positive note in this same strain. I have been sleeping on a air mattress for just shy of 3 months. It’s a decent one so it’s kind of comfy, but it is an air mattress none the less. I managed to keep strong and remain cheap, very cheap for months and it paid off. I got a free full mattress (just the size I was hoping for). It’s in my room and now my room looks much more like a room.

p.s. I also got a foosball table from the same person who gave me the mattress, it’s in the basement.


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