Stay true to you and don’t forget what you do

Recently I’ve started remembering who I am, connecting with that an expanding upon that. I came to philly and ended up forgetting who I was. I tried to reinvent myself with new friends and a new scene. But I’m just slowly evolving back into who I was.

A dumpster-diving-cheap-quirky-weirdo-activist.

It’s frustrating looking back and seeing how normal I was recently, and how I was hanging out with normal people, doing normal things. How people were again calling me weird, and saying how strange I am. Not because I’m weird, but because they are normal. Those aren’t my people, I’m a weirdo and I’m meant to be with other weirdos. And that’s just how it goes.

Recently I also realized that I am still an activist. I can’t stop myself from being one, I can only hurt my soul by not doing activist things

I’ve considered my break from activism a much needed vacation. My last job at Action United was the final thing that burned me out. I couldn’t connect with activism and just wasn’t interested in it. I recently got a taste of it by going to a friend’s trial.

That taste has left me thirsting for more and is helping me acknowledge that I have a lot of shit to do
-get new job
–have more free time
-dumpster dive
–esp trader joes in media
-get back into activism
-get off my butt
-have more fun.


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