Journey to the Sun

My goal for today was to show the sun some appreciation. I did so by waking up before the sun and witnessing the sunrise. I was hoping to see it rise over the horizon but my vantage point didn’t permit that. It was early in the morning though and that was a sufficient amount of effort for me.

The day was not only the longest day but also the hottest, it got near 100 degrees F. I guess the sun really considered today a big day, at least on the east coast. The day was too hot to do anything so I simply sat next to a fan and sweat.

Then came time to go to my vantage point to watch the sunset. I was pretty sure my vantage point would allow me to actually see the sunset. So I biked up to Belmont Plateau and found that I was very wrong. There is a great view of the city but there was a line of trees blocking the horizon. I took a picture of the city and moved onwards to find a better vantage point.

I raced up hills and down hills searching for the sun. I got a few glimpses through the trees of the dark orange beauty. I kept going knowing I could find a vantage point if I just kept going. After a half an hour of riding I found myself nowhere near a vantage point, but quite the opposite. I was surrounded by buildings and trees and was nowhere near a hilltop.

I snapped two pictures on my journey. One when I started it and one when I gave up 4 miles later in Narberth. I gave up because by that time the sun was setting, and there was no more time left to search for it.

While I failed to see the sunset, I did succeed in appreciating the sun. For appreciation isn’t measured by the actual appreciation but the effort you put forth to get the chance to show it.


One thought on “Journey to the Sun

  1. I didn’t see the sunrise, but I did happen to be laying down by the river (escaping the heat of the apartment) at sunset! So, together, we appreciated the sun completely.

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