Two good days


Following a relaxing recumbent trike ride to work I find a recumbent trike waiting for me at the shop, to be tuned up and to be assessed for sale. One of the managers walks over to me and says, “As much as I think you riding recumbents is stupid, it’s really nice to have someone who understands them and gets excited to deal with these things”

As I reach the mechanic area I find my second treat, a recumbent tandem from the 90s. By a classic recumbent company, Ryan.

The day at work was very busy, I started snacking on my lunch around 3:30 and finally got to work on this recumbent tandem bike around 5:30. Then a coworker and I went on a 30 minute test ride on the beaut. It was a very comfortable, smooth ride. We were both sad that it wasn’t ours, me more so than him.

Finally a relaxing ride home, followed by a interesting conversation with my roommate and her giving me her delicious left overs for dinner.


Another great ride to work, and a decent day at work.

Following work we went dumpster diving with a bunch of coworkers, one of whom is cleanly and in his mid-30s and despite it being his first time he got right into it. Then we went over to one of their houses and finally rode into the city.

Once in the city we rushed to the Art Museum for their Tuesday night pretzel ride at midnight sharp. It’s a ride that goes from the Art Museum to 8th and Washington to a pretzel factory. They start baking fresh pretzels at midnight, so by the time we get there it’s time for some hot pretzels.

You can ride any pace to get there, this week I decided to go fast. That’s because shortly after the ride began I overheard, “don’t get beat by the guy laying down.” I had to take one for the recumbent team and just show how much I could bust ass. And I did, getting a decent place in the race, without getting run over blowing through a red light. I think next time I may see just how fast I can go to really show those guys just how awesome these contraptions are.

Following that the pretzels were great, which cheese and mustard dip to choose from. Following that we all had a pie from our dumpstering earlier. After a nice relaxing time we decided to depart for home.

That’s where I had my final treat of the night. Right after I left off from my friends I started talking to a guy about recumbent bikes. He had ridden them before and was genuinely interested in them. So we had a interesting conversation up until a few blocks from my door.

I then went upstairs to go to bed, satisfied with the following two days. And happy to start another.


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