Dear Casbahites

I miss reading about y’all.

I will continue to blog here, trying to maintain weekly posts at a minimum but this blog isn’t just for me. It’s for all the members of the Casbah. After all the Casbahites were scattered across the globe, I felt very sad. That’s when Anthrocook suggested a blog of some sort so that we could still keep in contact.

This is why I started back up the old Casbalog, writing about my experiences in Philly. I hoped others would join in and y’all did for a time. But I’m calling upon you again, to make this our space not my space. Write about anything, your day, your week, your personal crisis, your job, a movie you discovered, an artist you found, a device you created, a picture you took.

I loved the Casbah for the community of great and interesting people, and interesting ideas and discussions it brought. I don’t want this to end yet. And I hope you don’t either.

So write. About anything. I loved the different formats and content of all the posts so far. They were great, my only complaint is there were so few. Please make this blog the Casbah’s blog, not yeti’s blog. I don’t think anyone including myself wants to read about all the crap going on in my life, it’s not really all that interesting.

So please blog.


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