Real World Randolf

Wake up at about 10:30. Take a run along the Mekong river. Then go get coffee. Spend a few hours in the Laos National history museum looking at guns from guerrilla fighters, Ancient artifacts and a Jaguar Pelt . Then a failed attempt to visit the American embassy. Beef fried rice and Beer Lao. Beer Lao is a delicious lager that is a nationalized industry. It produces pints of beer for a little more than a dollar. Went to the ccc bar to try to eat fried crickets . The ccc bar turned out to be a very lively gay bar with psychedelic light show but no deep fried crickets. Went to the lao equivalent of a pub. There were a dozen or so old white men shooting the shit. We started talking to a south African, Ukrainian, and russian. They were in Lao contracted by some company to aid in building the new bigger better united states embassy. Went back to our guesthouse that costs four dollars a night. On the way we were solicited by half a dozen she boy prostitutes. Then I watched Jurassic Park The Lost World.



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