I got 5 days off from work, so I decided to clean up some unfinished business and have my self a good time in good old State College. Here’s an overview of what I’ve done so far and what I’ve got planned:

-4:00pm Enter State College
-5:30pm Have dinner with my parents and Aunt and Uncle
-8:00pm Watch ultimate frisbee being played by the State College Ultimate League
-9:00pm Hung out with Guaca and her friends
-11:15pm Biked home to my parent’s house stopping to dumpster NW to pick up some fruit on the way

-9:30am Ate breakfast with my parents and Aunt and Uncle
-11:30am Biked around with Savages
–Saw his restored prairies as well as some woods.
-4:30pm Hung out with Savage’s friend Elmo, elmo is known to some through the xc team at State College High. He went to art school in Detroit and learned how to make very nice furniture and explained the process to us
-5:30pm Went to people’s choice, bought expensive food and lemonade
-7:00pm Went to Savage’s parent’s house saw his excellent garden and met Mother there
-8:00pm Walked through Arts Fest when it was closing
-8:30pm Ate dinner at Herwigs, a delicious Austrian restaurant
-10:00pm Hung out at the cabin with Elmo, Savages and Mother.
-12:15pm Biked home

-9:30am Woke up and ate breakfast, said goodbye to relatives
-11:00am Went over to Sparks St to finally move all my bike stuff out
-11:30am Savages and Mother joined me in the clean up, taking lots of bike parts
-2:00pm Took a break and ventured through the chaos of downtown to eat at Chipotle, Mother’s treat!
-4:00pm Mother left and Savages and I finished cleaning the place up
-6:30pm I left to go eat dinner at Rey Azteca
-8:30pm After getting home I just stayed in
-11:15pm Sleep

Sunday(so far)
-8:00am Wake up, start laundry, eat, blog

Future plans:
-Dumpster dive apartments
-Dumpster dive at GW and one of the other Ws
-Hang out with Savages and Mother
-Check out inside of GW
-Buy cheaper groceries
-Get car inspected
-Buy clothing at GW
-Buy socks/underwear to increase time in between laundry days

More details to come as well as pictures!


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