The Casbah

One of the reasons for my visit to State College this past weekend was to finally move all of my things out of the Casbah, notably all of the bike stuff.

It was a sad time,

But Savages was happy because he got most of my bike parts that I couldn’t take home.

I got to remember the good times, working on bikes for days, being my own boss, and learning a ton of shit about bikes. I had to throw a lot out (all of which was taken within a few hours), but in the end the place was all cleaned out, nothing of my was left. It was a sad day, an empty room, but it had to come sooner or later.

The house is getting cleaned up and should be up for sale by November, the goal is to have it sold by May, the leases all end sometime in May. Dalton has been promoted to house manager, he got a little decrease in rent and now is in charge of keeping the place clean. He takes pride in the house and has done good work so far. The living room once again looks like a living room and is clean and tidy as is the dining room.

My dad has been doing work on the house too. He started on the outside of the house mulching, painting, cleaning and fixing the deck. He just started to move inside ripping up the tiles in the basement. The tiles are getting replaced because they started coming up and they also have asbestos in them. They are going to get replaced by a nice layer of paint. The plan is to paint the walls and clean up the rest of the inside as late as possible (to prevent re-dirtying).

Recently a frustrated problem has peaked in the Casbah, unwanted pests. This situation has been going on for over a year, but it has gotten unmanageable, to the point that house-mates are getting keys so they can start locking the doors to keep unwanted visitors. My dad even had to intervene and kick someone out of the house who was living there and leeching off everyone. Many of you might remember him, Small Head. He lived in Lil Tokyo’s room for a while, but has completely worn out his welcome. He is now jobless getting paid unemployment, drunk, high, and tried to even sell weed from the Casbah.

But despite all of these changes and difficulties, the Casbah still has a community of people who call it home, and it ain’t just the people who live there. Here’s a shot of a bunch of them hanging out on the couch and reading some of their favorite books:


2 thoughts on “The Casbah

  1. You are wearing a very sad face in the first picture but a very nice t-shirt! As anthrocook said the casbah is a state of mind!

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