When the Casbah was a Place We Called Home: Tarter Sauce Bomb

Back in the early days of the casbah we would take boxes full of random non-perishable food items from the dumpster. We didn’t eat most of them, and sometimes didn’t even look in the boxes again. But there was no cost to us besides the effort of bringing them home so why not?
One day we finally looked in one of these boxes and found a bunch of bottles of tarter sauce. Tarter sauce isn’t particularly useful, and by this time the bottles were all bulging. When I was playing around with one of them I unconsciously turned the lid about 1/16th and the lid shot off and hit the ceiling and tarter sauce splashed all over Juju.

After cleaning up the mess I made we went out side to see the true power of these bottles. We threw a few up in the air and watched them explode on the ground. Then I looked over at the newly put up sign on the park apartments next door.

I took one of the bottles and chucked it at the sign. The bottle missed any of the letters, but it did hit right below the right side of the “K”. The force of the tarter sauce bomb was so great that it blew the “K” off of the wall and into the bushes below.

We tried numerous other tarter sauce bombs but none were as strategically placed, nor powerful enough as the first one which blew the “K” off of the wall with the power of the bomb alone. We took the “K” and hung it up in the kitchen where it still hangs today. On it is written numerous things including “K is for Knowledge” and “K is for Kitchen”.


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