The Edge of the World

I recently went to the Jersey Shore for the first time since I was a baby.

Our journey started at 11am. We knew we had to do something with ourselves this day, because we wouldn’t be able to stand the 100+ degree weather just sitting in our unairconditioned house. So we packed up food, water, a tent and two large dogs and all got in my roommate Rayne’s minivan to make our way to the Jersey Shore. In the front was Rayne and her boyfriend (and our roommate), Greaser. The middle row and Me and our newest roommate and friend of Rayne and Greaser, Nice Boy. Finally in the back was Rayne’s two large dogs, Lightning and Zues.

We drove. Then we sat in traffic. Then we drove some more.

Finally we arrived at the edge of the world. As someone from the mainland, who is used to lakes and creeks the ocean leaves me feeling amazed. One can actually peer out to the edge of the world. Looking hundreds of miles until the slight curve of the earth prevents you from seeing any farther. It’s one of the few real world reminders we get that the earth is in fact not round.

After looking hard enough I thought I could actually see the curve of the earth as I looked out on the horizon. I’m certain I couldn’t but I felt as though I were having a spiritual experience and was reminded of how small I was and how large this huge sphere we live on is.

Eventually I got over the awe of the place and enjoyed everything else the place had to offer. I swam out into this murky water, going out hundreds of yards, yet I was still able to stand. Finally something touched my foot and forced me to swim inland.

I swam with the dogs, swam by myself, tossed a frisbee with my roommates, dove into the water after a frisbee, tried not to get burned, built sand sculptures, fought against the waves, and watched the tide go out. Certainly a great way to spend a 100 degree day.


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