I finished 14 days of work and found myself on a mega bus with Guacamole on my way to NYC to meet up with Juju and then drive to Alex bay to her parent’s boat house for 4 days of bliss.

To call the trip refreshing is an understatement. Hanging with two of my best friends for 4 days with nothing to do but hang out reignited my excitement for the world and got me ready to face the battle of work and finding friends in philly. I know now that they won’t ever be as great as them but that doesn’t mean they won’t be awesome.

Here’s a summary of the trip, I’ll go more in depth a little later.

Day 0

Get off work at 6:30, race home to get showered, eat, finish packing and get out the door to the mega bus. That’s when I met Guacamole and we bored the bus to NYC. That’s where we met Juju and her brother and drove to her home just outside of NYC. Where we caught up and then slept.

Day 1

Woke up early, dropped off her brother at work and then drove to Alex Bay. Catching up the whole way there. When we got there Juju’s family was excited to see us. Her dad was especially excited and took us for a boat ride.

Day 2

We woke up ate breakfast and got ready for an antique boat race. Juju and her dad had volunteered to ride around on jet skis and maintain an area around where the boat race was happening. I accompanied Juju and rode around and had a great view of the race. We then bumped around the town and popped in some of the shops there.

Day 3

We went out to breakfast after getting there by boat. Then we bumped around the town, went to a pottery place and finally ate some ice cream before going home. That afternoon we finally went swimming. And relaxed for the rest of the day.

Day 4

Was the saddest day. We woke up ate breakfast and then we had to go. We hopped in the car and started driving home. We stopped in a small town ate lunch and then continued our way home. Juju dropped us both off in State College and we said our sad goodbyes. I ate dinner with my parents and rode home on the megabus.


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