Shaking up the Service Area

My job in Glenside has been a mess. The past month or so has been very chaotic, but even before that the Service center and my job overall has been very stressful and disorganized. But that has been clearing up recently, especially since our recent service meeting with the owner and all the mechanics.

Our last service manager hated people and hated being a service manager. He stopped caring about the job very early on, possibly even before I started working there. That left there being no leader in the service area and very little taught or learned by any of the mechanics. It also frustrated and disheartened many of us to the point of frustration and gave many of us a desire to quit.

Our new service manager start, Red Beard, and cleaned things up and started to get things organized but then he started thinking about leaving before working there for even a month. He has since been convinced to stay and will be working with us full time until October and then part time from then on.

This is where the meeting comes in. The owner went to a friends bike shop in Ca and learned a lot, including how to treat employees and how to manage 3 shops as three shops not as if they were only 1 or 2. This really changed the way he treats us and how he thinks about the company. It led to a bunch of reform and a significantly better attitude towards all the employees.

I was pretty sure that I was going to leave my job in the spring in search for other work. But then our talk happened. The winter is going to be filled with learning opportunities, including some of us going to classes taught by the bike companies on how to properly work on there equipment, while others will be taught by those persons as well as our service manager one manager ago (who happens to be one of the best mechanics in the Philly area.

This led me to rethink my decision and I now thin I’ll be with my bike shop for some time now. I’m excited that things are getting better and there is a focus on teaching, I love learning about bikes and now I’ll even get paid to do it. It’s almost like I’m working in a normal bike shop where you enjoy your time and learn all about how to work on bikes.

Can’t wait for the changes, for winter, for an enjoyable work environment.


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