Today started out awful. It was a no good, super bad day. But after a lot of pain and anguish it suddenly got better, a lot better. And it ended pretty okay, especially considering the circumstances.

The day started out with me being quite depressed. I’ve been feeling pretty down recently, but this morning was the peak of it. I started biking to work in Glenside, but I had the hardest time keeping going. I stopped at time and just couldn’t pedal, I felt mentally drained and lethargic. It ended up taking me an hour and a half to get there (when it normally takes about an hour).

When I finally got there I felt like I was being harassed and belittled by my coworkers. I had build new bikes all day instead of working on repairs. Building new bikes isn’t particularly enjoyable and today it felt downright demeaning. I was irritable and everyone was getting on my nerves. Even small quirks that people have began irritating me to the point of frustration.

Eventually I just shut down and stopped talking to anyone. Instead I focused on my job, hating my life the whole time I did it. I felt myself going through the motions hating every one of them, I knew I had to go through the pain and for a while, it was miserable.

But as the day went on things got better. The manager I like and one of the cooler salespeople came and chit chatted with us in the mechanic’s area and simply lightened the mood. They broke me out of my shell and I started to come back to life. At first snide remarks came out of my mouth then I began to talk like a normal person again.

Finally the day ended with a surprise build party. Build parties are simply nights we stay late and build up boxed bikes, we get paid $10 a bike. It’s not the most enjoyable thing after a day of working on bikes, but today it was.

We hung out, talked, ate pizza and had a pretty good time. Our inventory manager hung out with us, helping out a bit and chatting with us. It’s nice to unwind and talk without customers there, especially when you work with people as interesting as I do.

When the day was over I ended up working from 9:30 am until 10:30 pm, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I went from being miserable and depressed to happier and more relaxed. It certainly wasn’t a great day, but it was a huge improvement from the way it started out.


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