Two Days in State College

I came up this weekend to get my car fixed so I can sell it, but also (obviously) to hang out with my friends in the area. Turns out I picked a pretty good weekend and it happened to fall on the same weekend as a USAS party and more importantly Ted’s Farm.

I started out Friday visiting my old shop, RBR. I saw everyone there, and got to talk to the head mechanic there, Sophie. He told me some crazy stories ranging from flying down a mountain on a gravel road on his recumbent trike going about 60 miles and hour to this one about Ted’s Farm:

He traded his piece for 20 hits of acid. He then took all the acid. Then he found himself in the middle of the road staring at the stars above. Suddenly a cop SUV came out of a nearby field and began circling him. There was a coyote and a chicken in the back that was his dad. The SUV began doing donuts around him and his dad shouted, it’s easier if you just get in. Sophie got in and found himself sitting next to his dad on one side and a coyote on the other.

After dinner with my parents I had the pleasure of witnessing this alternative universe called Ted’s Farm. Half an hour from State College in the middle of farmland is Ted’s Farm. It’s about 200 acres, most of it is weeds. Every year about a week after the equinox he opens the place up for a show, it’s gotten quite popular recently. There are two stages, the main stage and then the rave stage. The main stage has bands playing at it at all times of day, while the other stage has DJs manning it.

But the part that makes Ted’s unique is the fact that it is a drug oasis. Walking around there were 3 stations with large tanks of nitrous, and people waiting in line to buy balloons of it. Someone stumbled by me and asked if I wanted to buy coke, and another few people wandered around the place shouting about the Marijuana they were trying to sell.

The police obviously know about this, it’s been going on for over 20 years. They run a 5 or so mile loop on the road in front of Ted’s. Pulling over any suspicious/drunk drivers. On our way there and back we saw 4 people pulled over. Thus preventing us from doing anything too fun there.

Following that excursion I went to a USAS party and got to meet the new USASers. Tiny L seems to be doing a great job getting people to join and interested in USAS. I was worried for a while but now I am reassured and have to do my work for PSUSAS – fund raising.

I slept over at Tiny L’s place, because I lacked any transportation to get home. Then we had breakfast with another USASer, Little Red. It was so nice to get to hang out with friends I hadn’t seen in so long, friends I had nearly forgotten about. After breakfast I walked over to the Cabin and hung out with Mother and Savages for a little while and then we went apple picking with my parents.

There is an amazing orchard that Penn State maintains about 20 minutes outside of the town. They have a bunch of heirloom apples growing there, in what seems like an attempt to keep the variety alive. The apples go un-picked left to rot, so we step in and fill bags upon bags with apples, and some pumpkins too!

Finally to end the weekend I had a real treat. I went to Wegmans to get some hard apple cider for a get together with Tiny L and Little Red, only to bump into Guaca. A change of plans landed me at her friends house hanging out with the two of them and Tiny L (Little Red needed to sleep).

Can’t wait until the next visit to State College.


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