October! October is my almost-favorite month. All of the good vegetables are in season, central Pennsylvania is unrelentingly beautiful this time of year, and fall clothes are the best.

I also quit my job this October (Woooo!) and was hired at a school that is walking distance from the cabin, pays better, and is run by one of Grandmother’s friends. I will miss watching the sunrise from 220 on my morning commute and definitely miss all of my kids. Telling the parents I was leaving was particularly difficult. A few cried and a few will now be leaving the daycare. One of the moms I am closest to asked where I was going and immediately got her daughter a spot in my new classroom, so I’ll be taking 1 kid with me.

Unfortunately, October means that winter will soon be upon us. Which means in turn that it’s about time that the cabin’s residents start to get the sads. Today, I made a conscious effort to play Van Morrison when I really wanted to listen to Nick Drake because I knew I’d end up weepy. Wearing funny hats and getting inebriated and watching Braveheard also help stave off the seasonal ennui.

Yesterday, Savages and I walked and biked on the Lower Trail, a rails-to-trails south of Spruce Creek. The highlight of the hike was when I sat down on a bench to wait for Savages who had stopped to collect some arthropods from a pond. When he caught up I pointed out some chickens scratching around aimlessly in the yard of a Redneck Compound beside the trail. As soon as the words “Look, chickens” were out of my mouth they came barreling towards us, full speed, like tiny dinosaurs. They hopped the fence and came over to check us out. Savages suggested we share the extra sandwich we packed with them which they greatly enjoyed. One of the hens was particularly aggro, so naturally Savages said that one was me. When I went to take a bite of sandwich she jumped up in my face, flapping and trying to steal it. It was pretty fantastic. We also found a very cool abandoned building. It was entirely constructed from cement and re-bar and the second floor had partially collapsed all the way into the basement.

It rained a bit during our walk and as we headed home before sunset we saw a beautiful (double) rainbow.


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