Saturday Ride to Work

My 15 mile journey begins bight and early just after 8:00 am.

After leaving my house I ride down a nice street that has a canopy of trees above at most points.

For a few minutes I experience the chaos of lots of traffic at the bottle neck between West Philly and Center Philadelphia. Luckily it only last for a couple of minutes and my reward is great.

The reward I get is to take a long break from the traffic as I ride a peaceful and tranquil closed off road, open only to bikes on Saturday from 6 am to 5pm (on other days I experience a bike path paralleling East River Drive seen below). This leg of the trip is about 3 to 4 miles.

For a short stretch I go onto a bike path.

Then I ride about a mile uphill on a narrow road, probably one of the least enjoyable part of my ride.

Then I enter very wooded areas, including the bridge pictured which when on it you can only see a valley of trees that you are crossing over.

While these rolling hills look like I’m in the middle of nowhere, you can’t see the houses tucked just off the road on both sides. While it’s a beautiful ride I’m right next to houses the entire time.

This is a little town I cross through, Mt. Airy. It’s a quaint little neighborhood. It looks to have a lot of culture and a good community. The town has an interesting history the black communities members doing a good job resisting the panic selling of their houses that was instilled in the black community in the 1950-60s. This leaves Mt Airy with a 60-30 ratio of blacks to whites.

Then I ride through a less densely treed area for a few miles before getting to the last little town before making it to Glenside.

This is not as nice as the last town center. I couldn’t take a photo that encapsulated the area, so I leave you with this one. All the windows are barred on this Saturday morning. The place has a bunch of lock stores and cash advanced and most of the people I’ve seen are either Black or Asian. While Philadelphia is diverse it is the 7th most segregated city, with 67% of people having to move before there is no segregation. This is one of those areas that all the black people have been reallocated to.

Finally I climb a not so steep hill before entering Glenside. The road is a divided highway with entrances to an interstate. Lucy for me there is a large shoulder on the road that I ride on, and there’s always the treat at the end of the hill where I get to fly down a hill into Glenside.

I’ve managed to go 47 mph down this hill. It’s a nice start to a long rolling downhill for most of the way to the shop, one that I regularly maintain a speed above 25 mph.

Finally I enter Keswick Village seen below and go up less than a block on the left to work.


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