Hurricane Sandy was forecast to be the worst storm since 1938. So in response everyone freaked out. In Philadelphia a state of emergency was declared starting on Sunday and ending Tuesday at 5pm. All non-essential employees were told to stay home.

Me and my roommates prepared by filling up out tub with water (for flushing the toilet if the water went out). Making sure our flashlights were working and accessible. Filling up water bottles and putting them in the freezer and filling some pots for drinking water. While everyone else wasn’t nearly as reasonable. Lots of people ran out and bought food like they were going to be trapped in a blizzard. Buying all of the essentials: bottled water, alcohol, soda, bread, milk, eggs, and chips.

Yep that’s right, one of the worst things Sandy did in Philadelphia was deplete our chip supply to zero.

When the storm finally hit it wasn’t nearly as exciting as I had hoped. There was rain from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon, mostly drizzle. It was windy during that same time but not excessively windy at most times. I made a point to go out and check out what was happening in the area. I figured it would be relatively exciting considering almost everything was shut down, UPenn, Drexel, government buildings, most stores (not the bike shop I work at!), even a bunch of roads.

Sandy hit land at 10pm and the worst was destined to be over at 2am. I went out around 7 to 9, 10:30 to 11, and around 1:30am. The worst I experienced was high winds. They were very strong, but they didn’t do much more than knock down some trees in the city.

The rain wasn’t bad at all. It forced the Schuylkill river to flood over the banks, unsurprisingly. But it didn’t do much more than that. Overall all that happened in the fair city of Philadelphia was rain, and some wind. And a ton of preparation before hand. Maybe at least the power will go out next time.


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