If you dig deep enough

There’s a legend among us that, if you dig deep enough, you’ll always find a bottle of juice.

Following work in Glenside I push myself to bike a mile up the road to Aldi’s grocery store. I’ve just started recently after an hiatus that was far to long. I get to the top and find Aldi’s dumpster over flowing with sliced bread.

Hurricane Sandy did strange things to their dumpster. I went on Saturday and found the dumpster overflowing with eggs, hundreds of dozens of them. There were a few bags of bread and bagels to go with it. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the rolling shelving unit that held another hundred cartons of eggs waiting for the dumpster to be emptied so that they can be thrown out. What do you do in a hurricane but buy bread, milk, eggs and water. And what do you do after the hurricane is over but throw out all of that food when people don’t buy it. Because those first 3 foods are highly perishable.

The dumpster is so full that I struggle to dig down into it. I choose the bottom left corner and begin digging. I fight away the landslides of food and trash to find a Naked mango drink about 3 feet below the bottom.

I’m immediately brought back to the days of veins of pom juice, boathouse juice and all sorts of delicious fruit juices. I hold the Naked drink and jump around with glee. This is what my life has been missing, this is why I’ve been depressed recently. What gets blood pumping more than the excitement of biking do a dumpster and pulling out juice!

I dig further in this vein to find pizza, cheese, cream cheese, whipped cream and pie dough. I grab as much as I can carry, which sadly isn’t much. I have to shove it all onto my trike which has my work clothing and shoes in one of my panniers. But I manage to take a few things.

When I get home my roommate spies my food and gets excited, “That’s awesome. That would cost like $50.”

It’s getting cold in Philadelphia, and my ride home was a chilly one. Also the closest dumpster with any potential is about 10 miles away. But now is the time to dive, outside is like a refrigerator, it’s so cold you could almost pull ice cream out and eat it.

So I’m going to suit myself up and make that journey to the nearby dumpster. Wish me luck, I’ve got a lot of exploring of this area to do, because I am once again going to dive.


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