Mega busing it to State College

This Monday/ Tuesday I visited State College. I came to catch up with a few people and most importantly to go to a dinner my brother hosted for his senior project in the Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Management major.

The trip started off fine, getting on the Megabus in Philly at 11:30. The trip started getting more exciting when the Megabus broke down climbing the last big hill on 322 when it’s still a 4 lane divided highway. After 10 minutes of waiting the driver was able to start up the bus and we got going once again.

But no long after right where the road becomes a 2 lane road the bus broke down again. We were stranded 15 minutes outside of State College. They were sending a mechanic who should get there in 1 to 2 hours, and a second Megabus was coming in 2 to 3 hours. Nearly doubling the length of the total trip…

We reluctantly got the okay from the driver to get rides from people to State College, warning us to be safe. And then one of our bus-mates spotted a Penn State school bus parked just up the road. There were some students on a field trip looking at rocks.

I wandered over and jokingly asked, “does it help that I’m a PSU alumni.” which I followed with a laugh figuring that it didn’t.

The bus driver said he’d call his supervisor and see what he could do. My bus-mate handed me the job of dealing with the Penn State bus saying a combination of incoherent gibberish and finally that he was stressed and I looked a lot calmer.

The bus driver motioned for me to come over when he was talking on the phone and he said to the person on the phone, “yes we have a Penn State student here.” I interjected saying, I was only and alumn and showed him my old student id. He continued talking on the phone. He got off and finally said that they could take 6 or 7 people and there was a second bus coming in just a little bit and they could take more. The only catch was that he could only drop us off at the hub.

I got back to the mega bus and told them the good news. A few excited people joined, I think the others were still in disbelief. We hurried on the bus and then we drove off. I felt a great accomplishment both of the fun of the whole event and the ability to step up as a leader in the whole situation and help orchestrate the bus ride back.

We got to campus and I got off thanking the bus driver profusely. He actually told me when I got off that he could drop me off at our original destination, North Atherton Plaza. A few people took him up on that, I got off and waved goodbye.


The rest of my trip was also exciting and jam packed. I hung out with some USASers for dinner. Hung out with Savages and Mother after that, went diving with Savages at GWs. Then I hung out with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long while, she’s a friend that I was friends with back in middle school and high school. Then I had lunch with my mom, followed by shopping for belt buckles and clothing at GWs. I had a meeting with a professor friend of mine and finally I went home before my brothers dinner.

My brother is a HRIM and for the senior year they have to manage their own restaurant for a day. They make the menu, order the food, find the guests and manage the place on the day of the dinner. It was cool to see ram in the place he likes to be. He was shmooshing all of the guests, making sure the whole place was running right.

But most exciting was the look on his face when he saw that I was there. He was startled, but happy. It was nice to be able to take the time off from work to see his project and eat some good food! My parents also brought a bunch of wine, as did their friends which made my trip home on the mega bus (just a hour after dinner was over) a bit more fun.


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