Off Kilter

The world is off kilter, as am I. But I’ve realized that most people are not off kilter. They act as though this craziness going on in the the world is actually the world in harmony.

I’ve been trying to make friends and meet people. And I’ve been around a lot of normal people. These normal people have caused me to try to correct my kilter, due to their harassment and constant presence around me. Sometimes you just want to fit in, ya know? But their way of viewing the world is truly insane.

Being normal is being insanity. Accepting everything going on in the world is insanity. Being weird is being real.

Majesty and I had an extended conversation the other day. A lot of it involved ranting and complaining, and just general frustrations we’ve been having recently. Majesty talked a lot about wage slavery and it reminded me that working your life, having a career and planning your life around that is fucking preposterous. It’s an absurd and boring way to look at life.

We need to break free from this society and live or on way, how we actually want to. It’s hard to do that or even remember that’s what you want to do. Especially when everyone else who is off kilter is hundreds of miles away. I need to be around more people who don’t work with this “society” of ours. More people who just don’t fit in, don’t conform, people who get it. Hippies, bums, street performers, recluses, people outside of society.

I want to start being the person I was not the sell out I am. I don’t want to work 40 hours a week in a job, saving up the table scraps I can to buy more bikes, upgrade components etc. I want to do stupid shit. I want to go on mini bike tours. I want to work for myself. I want to have fun. I want to go crazy!


One thought on “Off Kilter

  1. I cant take it anymore either. The more normal I become, the more I want to kill myself. Must stay off kilter… Im gonna buy a trailer or live under some tarps and start doing what I like soon. Gardening, hunting, foraging, bike touring spending time with friends. Yay!

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