Belt Crazy!

My work has cut back my hours from around 40 to 25 a week. This has left me with more days of and more free time. I’m able to do a lot more stuff I’ve been yearning to, including making tire belts.

I have managed to make and post 34 belts, posting over 10 new ones today. Christmas season is ramping up and they are going significantly faster than before. I’ve already sold 9 this month, and I’ve had interest in someone buying a bulk order of them.

I also plan on looking into getting an industrial sewing machine. I have a friend who is interested in them so I’m hoping she can help me/ point me in the right direction. Having one would allow me to make tube wallets, tube purses and more. Including experimenting with other materials like the canvas type material that some outdoor signs are made of.

If you haven’t looked recently, or ever. Take a look at the tire belts. Hopefully soon you will be seeing purses, wallets and even more.


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