Dikembe Mutombo’s 4 1/2 Weeks to Save The World.

Old spice is using the hype around the Mayan Calendar as an advertising scheme, and a pretty good one if you tell me. They created a new game called, “Dikembe Mutombo’s 4-1/2 Weeks to Save The World.”

The idea behind the game is there is a number of things threatening the worlds ability to continue existing and Dikembe, the famous basketball player known for his blocking abilities, must fight to save the world. His first mission is to stop the people of America from dancing to the popular South Korean song Gungam style and make them go vote. He dawns an Old Spice jet pack and goes to the heart of America to deliver ballots to the people. All the while dodging strip malls, fast food chains, home improvement stores and flying disco balls that are “clogging the veins leading to the Heart of America.” After completing the first stage you encounter the boss of the level, Ohio. Dikembe addresses him saying, “Ohio! you are the most important state for some reason.”

When you get around to beating a level you need to input your initials. Your score helps charge the Mayan Calendar Carver, which is carving an outer ring on the Mayan Calendar so that we have more time to live.

I personally think this game is truly amazing, while at the same time extremely sad. The comedic jokes of America are so innocent, about Ohio mattering most… for some reason, about people not voting because they are dancing and in the next level jokes about how important Twinkies were to Americans. Yet these jokes are powerfully true and extremely saddening. They all remind me that I need to continue preparing for the slow and painful apocalypse that is coming for this world in the next 50+ years.

But enough of that, you NEED to play this game, it is truly amazing, no other words can describe it.



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