A Christmas Carol for the Casbah

Where art thou, Casbah? Fixing bikes in Philadelphia? Tramping across the world? Writing for glossy magazines? Watching over young ones? Walking in the forest? Living in the Big City? Wherever you are, I hope this finds you well. This past year was, for most of us, a year of transition and change. We flew solo or in duos, with our (cuckoo´s) nest no longer in sight. We got new jobs; left school; entered and exited relationships; visited faraway places; had a bit too much to drink; battled dumb bosses, irritant coworkers, loving partners, bureaucracies, stupidity, and routine. We moved forward, backward, and sideways. Sometimes we were successful and sometimes we were not. But in any case we made it in one piece. That, if nothing else, is something to be proud of.

´Tis, as the saying goes, the season to be jolly. If we were together, we would celebrate by exchanging gifts. Not expensive ones, to be sure. We wouldn´t be able to afford anything expensive and in any case spending a large amount of money on something like that would seem gauche, even obscene. But we would get gifts that showed we cared, and spent a great deal of time thinking about. We would make sure we would get just the right thing for the right person. We would cook a big meal, sit down to eat, and say grace. Not to some deity, and not even out loud. But to ourselves and to each other. We´re just happy we´re together.

Merry Christmas, Casbah kids, wherever you are.


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