Winter Solstice And NYC

The longest night of the year, December 20th. Sunset in NYC was at 4:35 pm, sunrise was at 7:16 pm, 14 hours and 41 minutes of darkness. With the winter solstice, and possible day of the end of the world (end of Mayan calendar) happening at 7:12 am.

Here’s a play by play of how we survived the last night:
4:30 – Caught up with Cider, Malibu joined us around 6
7:00 – Dinner
7:30 – More conversing
8:30 – Malibu tried to go to sleep
9:00 – Bananagrams!
10:15 – More desires to sleep
10:30 – Hot chocolate for all!
10:45 – Youtube, Memes, Gifs, and more youtube
2:15 – Attempted sleep
2:45 – Pushups Malibu/Cider/Yeti 1.) 17/15/21 2.)25/20/26 3.) 30/14/27
3:15 – Hummus and vegetable meal
3:30 – Watched “Girls” from the maker of Tiny Furniture
3:50 – Watched Kumare, an excellent movie
5:30 – Played Malibu’s game, Cosmic Wimpout
6:00 – Final struggle with sleep
6:30 – We finally left the house despite the rain, to go to the edge of the Hudson

A delicious dinner made by Cider

Malibu’s gift to Cider, beeswax candles, helped keep us up all night

Malibu was the dominator throughout the night

How we spend most of the night

10 minutes before the apocalypse, still keeping up positive spirits

I wasn’t nearly as happy just before the apocalypse

The end looked imminent

Lessons learned:
-lack of light causes extreme tiredness
-Youtube isn’t an enjoyable way to stay up, but it does work (mainly because of the lighting)
-Not going outside drives you crazy!


After sleeping for 4 hours we woke up, bumped around the house, talked to Majesty and then we went on a bike ride to NYC. The ride totaled 24 miles.

We started in Dobbs Ferry, quickly making it to a bike path. The path was excellent and scenic, it brought us through Yonkers and finally into the Bronx. When we entered the Bronx the trail ended and was a muddy path. We had to walk at times, especially when we got closer to the city. Cider and I began to get paranoid, worried that there might be someone else out there. The last few miles were stressful but finally we got out of the path and made it to a road in the Bronx.

Our energy wained but we pushed on. It was exhausting to see that we were on block 200, needing to go all the way to 42nd. Towards the end we were hardly able to pedal, pedaling just enough so we would keep going forward. The four hours of sleep certainly didn’t help either.

We finally made it to Grand Central, tired, hungry and ready for bed.

My final day in NYC we hung out with Juju, but not before some fun:

We broke down on the side of the Saw Hill Parkway. We got towed back to a mechanic a couple blocks from the house and then Juju just decided to visit us instead. I joined her, her brother and her brothers friends for a showing of the Hobbit for Juju’s brother birthday. Afterwards Cider and Malibu joined us for food, drinks and stand up comedy. Most of the people were horrible, but it led for an interesting end to our very interesting weekend.


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