Bring the Chaos Home

I feel bad neglecting the Casbalog and it’s readers and not sharing my inner thoughts, some of which I’ve shared with facebookers and others.

So here ya go:

This helped me through my recent breakdown and subsequent loss of my mind. This video helps reminds me that even though horrible horrible things are happening, especially those being committed by America, we can still party in the USA. In spite of and in lack of regard for the rest of the world,the killing of citizens without trial, despite the destruction of countries again and again. America remains the best nation in the world, and America is going to have a party, in The USA.


“And what makes it worse, she thinks of herself as meat.”
-Said Bernard Marx, Character of Brave New World.

As do I. A big hunk of meat.



This plays in my head a lot of the time.
I hum it as my generic hold music, when waiting for something.


I listened to this song over and over again.


Finally I watched this video today and realized it’s gonna be okay. But I really need to run to the bank to open a high yield savings account.


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