Nothing Matters


Yep, I’m off the wagon hard. I realized that vegetarianism mattered to me. So for the sake of nihilism and many other things I let go.

I started it by eating a turkey hoagie that wasn’t very good at all. Then I realized the ultimate way to break free would be to eat a big mac at McDonalds. After Majesty’s suggestion I ate it watching Earthlings, a vegan propaganda film.

While the film made me a little sad it didn’t effect me as much as I expected. That part of it was a sobering experience. I thought for sure that this experience would break me, but it left me feeling strangely calm. Which was in contrast with earlier in the day.

I’m not sure if I’m going to eat meat again, or not eat meat again. But I think I’m free now?

Does it really matter either way?



2 thoughts on “Nothing Matters

  1. That shit is poison. You want to eat meat, eat something decent. Next time we get together I will cook a nice roast beef with yearling potatoes and rosemary. But stay away from that shit. It´s not even meat, most of it is soy anyway.

  2. I forgot about all this wonderful shit! We must be nearing the pinnacle of human evolution. If we can just turn the entire world into an industrial process, we can have heaven on earth. The old concept of the garden of eden is so antiquated. Who the fuck wants a piece of fruit when you can have so much more suffering and disease! Unessesary enslavement by technology is our only hope for the future!!! Suffering and torture builds character. Do you think those chickens regretted having the tips of thier beaks burned off, or those fine pigs complained as their faces were being chewed off in close confinement… I think not. They were just greatfull to be included in humanities garden of love. Im gonna jerk off now.

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