I spent the past weekend scoping out Pittsburgh as a potential settling place for myself and possibly even the Casbah.

It was at the very least my home away from home. The place if filled with friends, more than I ever expected. I stayed at a house filled with Penn Staters. And visited another with a bunch of Penn Staters present. It was so nice to see so many friends. This will solve the problem I ran into in Philly, no friends. I figured instead of making knew ones why not keep your old ones?

Suprise meetup in PGH
Surprise Meetup in PGH at The Big Idea

I also went around applying to some of the bike shops in the area. Two seemed pretty interested, though I wasn’t particularly interested in them. Then I biked to my final bike shop before I was to return home, Thick Bicycles.

It was exactly what I had been looking for. They stocked all the bikes I like and very few I didn’t. They weren’t into carbon road bikes but instead steel commuters, mountain bikes, and snow bikes. They had everything I wanted in a shop. It reminded me so much of Freeze Thaw Bikes, a shop I frequented and enjoyed very much in State College. I left the shop feeling eager and excited at the potential of working there.

I had a great time on my trip and became sure of the fact that I am moving to Pittsburgh. I hope the rest of the Casbah will join me. It’s a good city, not too big, and really cheap (rent being at or below 300 for most places).

I love the rivers, and even got to enjoy some snow when I was there. The city is nice and small with a high chance you’ll bump into someone familiar.

I can’t wait to call Pittsburgh home. Current ETA is quit my job mid-March and start renting by April.


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