Terrifying : Reality in front of you

About 1 hour ago, I was sitting in my room relaxing. Then 7 to 9 shots were fired in two bursts with less than a second apart between them. It startled me very much and left me and my roommates talking for a while, huddled in eachothers rooms.

Shortly after it happened I was peering outside to see what was going on and saw someone running down my street and into a house down the street. He looked like he might be clutching his side but it was hard to tell. I figured he was just running home after hearing the shots, I’d have done just the same thing.

Then the police show up. One roommate called them and I’m sure that other people did as well. I opened my window to see better and hear what the officers were saying to one another.

The said that there was a trail of blood from down the street. That’s when I realized I saw who got shot. I saw him. Reality began to hit real hard. Not only was there a shooting but I saw someone shot in this shooting. The shootings that killed 300,000 people last year.

I asked my roommates what I should do, should I tell the police. They said to tell them but only call them. Emphasizing that I don’t want to be known as the person who told the police. Not where I live, I’m not sure if I’d even wanted to tell them if it was okay.

I did though, and I gave them a detailed description. I’m sure that what I said wasn’t of much help. All I was able to say was that he was wearing light blue jeans, a black coat, was 6 feet tall and was a black male in his mid-20s.

The reality of the situation startled me. Knowing that someone that you saw was shot and could be dieing in his house right now is shocking. That’s never been a reality for me before. Though I don’t want it to be known that I’m talking to the police. I know why so many criminals walk free. There are some places where you just don’t talk to the police. I’m already white I don’t want to be known as a snitch too. I’m not even sure if I’d want to tell them openly if I could.

This whole situation has me feelin very bizzare and torn up about my morality about talking to the police and seeing soneone running who was shot. It’s hard to make sense of these things that are so out of my regular world. The strangest part is that this is the norm for so may people.

(I feel the need to note that the person who was shot was almost certainly a drug dealer. There are a couple kids that do it. My neighborhood really isn’t that dangerous of a place)


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