Filthadelphia, you ain’t so bad after all

I’ve had crazy times in Philly over the past year and a quarter. Mostly bad, some okay and even some good. But as Pittsburgh comes over the horizon, suddenly everything in Philly seems to be going better than ever. I’ve been forming friendships with coworkers and getting along great with my roommates. I’m having such a good time that it tempts me to stay.

I’ve began befriending some of my coworkers, and we were even planning on going mountain biking together. My service manager Fred is going to miss me a lot, he appreciates me both as a coworker and I think as a friend. We missed our chance to hang outside of work, but maybe I’ll get lucky when I visit and this chance won’t be entirely missed.

Me and my roommates have all learned to appreciate eachother very much. We play board games frequently together. Manly Settlers of Catan, occasionally Ticket to Ride. I’ve also opened up to them and told them things I’ve never told anyone before, talking about crushes and girls in general. I also bonded with two of them over nihilism. They both have taken that as a title for themselves, as has Fred more or less. Oh the nihilists in the fucking fucked up place we call a world are increasing daily.

Now for a new chapter. No longer a new chapter in spite of Philadelphia, but simply a new chapter. Almost everyone knows, and today even my boss will. That’s right Pittsburgh, here I come.


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