Today is my final day at work. It’s very exciting because that means plans to leave this city are in full effect. In fact on Saturday I will be in Pittsburgh looking for housing and jobs. So far both of these searches have been very fruitful.

In the job search Trek of Pittsburgh has already contacted me back and had great things to say. They said that my resume was “impressive” and they weren’t sure if they had enough money to hire me, because my credentials are that good. I’m hoping to get a nice raise out of this job move. Apparently good hardworking mechanics aren’t very easy to come by. They have contacted my service manager Fred, who will only have good things to say. And I have an interview with them Saturday afternoon, they sound like they are trying to get me up to speed more than simply interviewing me.

The housing situation seems to be going quite well. I have contacted and been contacted by a couple of people (I put up a roommate ad saying I was looking for a room). So far the roommate ad has worked great. My ad it entitled “Leaving Filthadelphia looking for cool people to live with.” my favorite response has the subject line, “Leaving Filthadelphia, Welcome to Shitsburgh. There is also a couple of people who are interested in living with me. We would only need to meet and then find a house.

Everything is falling perfectly into place. I’m very excited to begin my new life in Pittsburgh. I finally can be happy, and feel the support of my family everyday. I just hope the rest of my family not in Pittsburgh chooses to join me in America’s most livable city two years running.


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