In a World Filled with Inequality and Greed What’s a Fair Income?

It’s a strange question that I think a good amount of people ponder about. But I think I found the answer. After talking to a number of people about this I found out where a lot of people think that the line for greediness should be, right beyond whatever you make.

For Juju’s parents that line falls just beyond owning two houses and a good-sized boat. It’s people who have so much money they aren’t able to spend it all an enjoy it. It’s people who have grandiose houses and show off their wealth. Simply put it’s the next bracket up.

For my parents they put that line where Juju’s parent are. While my parents own two houses, the second one is not a vacation home but a college home for me and my brother. They dreamed of owning a vacation home but since they didn’t achieve it is greedy to have one. You don’t need to make that much money, they would say. You simply need to be comfortable, as they sit in their 5 bedroom home with a finished basement, good-sized den a living room. A house they live in alone with their dog.

Finally I was talking with the person I’m staying with in Pittsburgh. A curly blonde haired artist who many of you know as someone who is a bit crazy and know for her drunken Michael Jackson dance. She works a part-time job a barely scrapes by. Her dad and family are much the same way. With none of them making much more than subsistence. She draws the line for greediness as just more than you need to make it by. Any more money is simply unnecessary.

It’s amazing that so many people would say that too much is just more than they are making. Especially after the occupy movement made such waves with their critique of the 1%. That’s why I figured I should post this video that very simply explains income inequality in the States. Because inequality here is awful, I’m sure most know it but I’m guessing you didn’t know its just about as bad as it is in China.


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