It’s Time to Leave

I just spent 5 days in Pittsburgh staying at a friends house. I was excited to come home and sleep in my own bed, have some good solid alone time and see my friends and roommates. But it just wasn’t what I had dreamed about. It wasn’t an exciting goodbye-jam-packed-weekend, the people weren’t energy filled they were just like they always were. It helped remind me why I’m leaving Philly: to live my happy life again with my friends.

When I got to Philly I first went to Smiles and enjoyed myself there. Then I went home and my house was empty. I had already told myself that I was going to spend the night with my roommates, but I hadn’t told them and wasn’t sure what we would do if we did. I was super energized and excited to see everyone, but it was hours before anyone came home.

Finally the first one came home and she said, “hey.” I was bursting with excitement for all my future plans (I’ll got to them in a minute) but she was giving off much calmer vibes, and didn’t seem super excited/excitable. It reminded me of why I thought about moving out a while ago.

Don’t get me wrong I really like my roommates as friends. But they are just very boring sometimes. I mean this one time the kitchen light magically became a strob light (it eventually just plain stopped working). So like every sane person would: I ran up stairs, got my ipod and started blasting Justice and danced in middle of the kitchen. I got all of my roommates downstairs but they simply stared at me. They all stood outside of the kitchen and stared as I danced. That describes my roommates. Instead of letting go and going crazy they kind of mope around awkwardly stared.

That vibe as well as the fact that I found few friends in Philly really brought me down. I don’t want to make it out like I’m blaming them for my bad time here, I just feel like my life took a downward turn and became a lot less exciting. I became calm, reserved, boring, essentially I was a normal person. I’m not a normal person, I need to be free and crazy. My friends in Pittsburgh and simply the new start will let me be who I am again, craziness and all.

Luckily my plans regarding moving to Pittsburgh are beginning to fall into place. I met two people through craigslist and we are going to live together, the one is very high energy, shes from D.C. has travelled and bike tripped all around and is going to work at a bike rental place. The other is from Virginia, she’s more calm, she has a dog she really likes and she used to be a Commercial Truck Driver.

We just filled out application for a place in Garfield, a up and coming neighborhood. The block is very clean and nice, and the house is huge. It has 3 large bedrooms and a huge finished Attic. The rent is $900 and we’re at least going to have a 4th person move in, so rent is super cheap.

As for work, Trek told me that they still needed to talk to the owner, but I was their top candidate. If that doens’t work out another bike shop called me back hours after handing in a resume and wanted me to come in immediately. I couldn’t because I was already leaving town, but I’m going back on Tuesday to sign the lease, have the job inteview and I expect to hear back from Trek as well.

So excited for Pittsburgh.


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