The past couple of days in Pittsburgh have simply been a whirlwind. I have been going from event to event, from friend group to friend group. In Philly I had few friends and stayed at home for days in a row, talking ocassionally only to my roommates. Now I’ve hardly been at home at all. It almost feels like I’m back in college, with a slew of different events to hop to and from.

On Friday I went to work at Trek bikes and then shortly after getting home I went out to First Fridays. First Friday is a monthly event on the first friday of every month where art galleries open their doors for free, with free food and drinks and show off some local art. It’s very cool, some places have live performances, and the artists are almost always there with their art. My crazy art friend from State College, Curls, well known for dancing Michael Jackson, who is boistorous with curly blonde hair, was the main person who accompanied me throughout the night. While there were a slew of others, she was the one who made a point to show me some of the sites and introduce me to some of the people in the area.

After going to her friend’s gallery and meeting a bunch of friendly people, some of whom I’d meet before, we went to her good friend’s gallery, a larger warehouse. There we saw a live music performance where some guy did an amazing job of playing tin cans, aluminum foil, plastic cups, suitcases, and an assortment of other non-insturments and a few real insturments.

Then we went to a bar and I saw that my friends bikes were there. I went up to the dance floor and joined them dancing for a good while. When we got tired and the sex on the dance floor got a bit too much for us we left. My friend walked me most of the way home before hoping on her bike.

The following day I joined another friend, this time from Philly, going to a bike-coop. He had made plans to help this exuberant, well known older man in the area fix up his bike. I joined in helping out and despite the lack of correct tools or parts were succeeded in fixing his bike and treated ourselves to free lunch dropped of by a local coop when we were done. I also became a member of the place, Free Ride. So long as I volunteer 8 hours every three months.

I finished my Saturday going to a barbaque at Curls’ house. My roommate joined us and we ate food, sat by the fire, drank beer, chatted by the fire and watched dogs fight.

Sunday was filled with working in our backyard trying to figure out how to make a garden and a patio. One of the future roommates came by and helped out for a little. By the end we were all sore, hungry and tired. Most of that soreness kicked in the following day, luckily I didn’t have to do anything to strenuous at work.

It’s very nice to have friends where you live. I also feel like in addition to the friends here I’m making new friends because the people here are really friendly. I must say I’m enjoying myself her much more than I was in Philly. Who wants to come join me?


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