Dumpster Dive Pittsburgh

That’s right I’ve finally gotten off my butt and checked out some of the local dumpster with my heterosexual-lifemate and former bike mechanic at Keswick Cycle, Moustache. We biked around where we live and eventually made our way to a bunch of dumpsters, getting a decent amount of stuff for my frist night exploring Pittsburgh’s dumpster scene.

We fetched ourselves two pairs of fenders, both had dynamos (wheel generated light system), a couple of Domino’s pizzas, 7 blocks of cheese, some fancy chocolates, a white board, a stapler, post-it note pads, a small scale, 30 dvds, some white-out, and some Panera cookies.

Here’s a picture of some of what we found:

This has led me to expand my map called, “Dumpster Dive Philly” to “Dumpster Dive Pennsylvania.” I’m excited to continue dumpstering and hope to live off of the dumspter much more than I did in Philly, and without nearly as much of a trek to get to them.

Living off the dumpster again is such a relieving feeling. Riding bikes in the night, feeling a bit like a hunter/gatherer as I roam around filling my bags and stomach with food. Hopefully avoiding the perils of grocery shopping more and more as time progresses and my map becomes more complete.



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