Trek of PGH

Trek was my second choice of bike shops, my first wasn’t hiring, but by the things I’d heard about Trek I was excited to work there. I started work a few days after moving in and after a few days quickly realized that the position of mechanic that I applied for (and the position I thought I was hired to do) was not the position I had. I talked to the service manager and he told me that they didn’t have enough money to hire a service writer and a mechanic so they hired me as a service writer. I immediately expressed my frustration, he was unable to resolve many of my concerns which began to disappoint me. More or less he said I was the low man on the totem pole and that there was potential to be a mechanic in the future, but probably not this year.

I called Smiles after work and told her the situation and she urged me to look for work elsewhere so I could actually be a mechanic. She told me what I wanted to hear and what I was feeling getting me even more frustrated about being led on and lied to about my current job. Smiles helped me figure out a plan to deal with this. I reapplied to one bike shop I had applied to before later that day and set up an interview with them.

The interview went really well but I started to realize they were looking for someone with more experience than me. I’ve only been working in shops for just over a year. I have a lot of experience working on bikes, just not in shops. The person they were looking for was someone who could help open a new store they are trying to open in one of the parks up north. While I was okay with trying to do that I certainly wasn’t prepared to do that. They realized that too and didn’t hire me.

I was crushed. I didn’t really really want to work there, but I did really want to be a mechanic. I got really stressed about my future, and then I decided to not worry about it for a week or so. I hadn’t told the people at Trek much at all and continued working with them through this time.

Then a week passed and I realized that I was starting to enjoy Trek. The place is really laid back and low-stress. There is a lot of down time to hangout and talk, the customers are pretty nice. We get lots of tip money (which we use to go bowling, and go on other fun trips), lots of alcohol both beer and hard liquor.

Basically the place seems to be the epitome of bike shops (at least in comparison to my last job at Keswick). People like they job but their job isn’t their life, it’s their means, it’s what they enjoy doing. I’ve been working here for 3 weeks and so far I enjoy it here. I’m not ecstatic about being a service writer, especially because that means I have to help out more on sales, but I must say I enjoy working here quite a bit.


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