Mr. Money Mustache

I don’t normally read cheesy blogs about how you can retire early, or game the system. Most of the time these blogs are trying to getting you to buy a subscription to some program or self help class or to start your own internet business. But Smiles showed me this blog and it turned out to be quite good.

The blog disects the current American lifestyle and tells you reduce your expenses, to invest, to save, to be really freaking cheap. It conteracts the consumer culture and tells you to by used and fix whenever possible. The writer of the blog manages spends about 28,000 a year for his family of 3, after retiring at the age of 30 to raise his first child.

He describes the middle-class lifestyle as an “exploding volcano of wastefullness.” And talks about how people choose jobs they have to commute to, and work excessive hours to make money only to feel the need to reward yourself with vacations, alcohol, eating out and consumer goods.

While I’m not sure if he exactly makes this point, working a job that you enjoy is certainly important to succeed in increasing your savings. If you enjoy your life while you work you don’t have to make up for it in the few hours you don’t work. This should help to increase your savings significantly, not to mention to make you enjoy your life more.

I must say that while this blog doesn’t have revolutionary ideas, nor does it encourage much that I’m not doing already, the blog does reason it out and bring a clear goal in your mind, stop working. I’ve been reading different posts from this blog over the past week or so. The blog has been pushing me harder to do what I’m already striving to do. It’s hard to relate sometimes because its directed at people with more income, but its certainly still useful for people with less.

My end goal is a little bit different than his because of lack of income I currently have. I have a goal of trying to find work I enjoy and to be able to retire early, but not nearly as early as him. My goal is hybridized with the freegan lifestyle, which encourages consuming less and working less. Thus why I’m enjoying working at a bike shop. I am doing what I like rather than dying to live for the future. I’m learning about how things work and function, something I’d be doing with or without a job.

If you are interested more in this I would first suggest this article. Then I would say go to the “start here” section of his blog. It’s a great resource and I think its a lifestyle all should adapt in a small or big way.


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