Crazy Month, Crazier Roommate

The past month has been quite a trip. From roommates moving in to moving out. Smiles visiting me and I visiting her. Finally gathering my last remaining items from Philly. And I settling down in my house and just relaxing for a little bit.

The first thing is the most exciting. Turns out the trucker girl I moved in with was crazy. She was the first person I moved in with and we signed the lease together. She’s 23, immature, disrespectful, dirty, got some issues with men and not being able to control her emotions.

We as a house began to discover this when Smiles visited. Trucker girl had previously sent me a text message late one night when she was drunk saying she liked me. All the advice I was given said to ignore it, which I did. While that might work sometimes this wasn’t one of those times. Smiles came to visit and trucker girls harassed me via text message for not “asking” if Smiles could stay over for a few night. She was clearly jealous but refused to acknowledge what messages she sent when she was drunk, claiming, “I don’t remember what messages I send when I’m drunk”

Not to mention the fact that in trucker girls month living with us she had 3 or 4 different boys sleep over, she had sex with everyone of them. One ran away and never talked to her again, one was a friend that she had sex with a few times, one was “abusive” towards her (she’s now living with him), I’m not sure of any details of the 4th one.

I tried talking to trucker girl on two separate occasions about this and she denied that anything was going on. So I began talking to the roommates. One of them promptly took my side and said that she should move out, the others followed suit after hearing the whole story. This is also when we learned that the newest roommate’s room was actually the bathroom of the dog who had peed and pooped in it dozens of times, destroying the carpet and leeching pee smell into the floor below, something that trucker girls basically refused to deal with saying, “I don’t see what the big deal is.”

The kicking out process was long and strenuous. It started with confronting her in person. Then rehashing the whole thing via text message. Then she called the landlord and we tried to to let him know what was going on. She began citing the fact that she was on the lease and wouldn’t move out that everyone else should. Finally the landlord talked some sense into her and her lawyer friend on the phone. She agreed to move out and give up the house after a three week long battle that left everyone involved exhausted. In return she got her security deposit, last months rent and $25 of her first months rent (because additional people moved in towards the end of the month).

In fact it was a week from today she moved all of her stuff out and everyone moved in to their desired room. The house began to settle down and feel a lot more like home. We started to work on a garden in the back and one in the front. And the stress level disappeared knowing that we’d never see trucker girl pop in the house again. Now all we have left to do is finish this garden. I’ll let you know how it goes and take pictures of the progress along the way. From mud to oasis is the goal!


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