About 4 months ago Rob Rhinehart decided to stop eating food. Instead he mixed a bunch of powdered ingredients together added a little water and make his own nutritional drink that entirely replaces food. He quickly realized he was missing a few ingredients but after some tinkering he found his brainpower increasing and his sleep improving. Over these 4 months he had a good amount of followers and articles which caused him to decide to actually make his own food substitute, deciding to stick to the name he was calling it, Soylent.

Rob can’t help but remind me a lot of Malibu (and possibly many other computer programmers), they both seem very systematic and scientific about the way they live their lives, trying to streamline and make them more efficient. Rob’s focus on the time and money we waste on food and has stumbled him into a life changing formula. He just recently started raising money for the commercialization of this formula. Asking for $100,000 in funding he quickly raised $250,000 in the first day and the number still climbs each day, it was at $337,931 at the time this was posted.

I’ve been following it for about 2 to 3 months, but have gotten more into it recently. I made personal diet changes to more natural foods, removing most breads and processed foods and have felt a lot better, but this diet change seems to be a revolutionary one. In the past month I have even had the desire to make my own batch of Soylent. Instead I’m going to throw down $65 for a weeks supply of the first batch when it comes of the production line in August. Depending upon how it tastes and how my week supply goes I may try a solid month of Soylent, with no food.

Mmmm, Soylent.

We’ll have to see how good the formula is. Though I can’t help but think there are things missing in his formula (such as the sulfur he didn’t have in it until recently). I also am constantly torn between the desire to eat real natural food and this powdered substitute. I thing that it is healthier but I also hear the reasoning Rob has in his most recent post, that mother nature isn’t our benevolent friend. He’s right, mother nature isn’t our friend but an apathetic, violent, living force that has no concern for our wellbeing. We must fight to survive with it, not survive by living in it. Soylent removes itself from this battle and attempts to be full of truly good nutrients that are necessary for human health.

Only time will tell if Rob’s concoction catches on and if it has the worldwide impact that he hopes. If you want to get in on the first batch of Soylent, go here. If you want to read more of Rob’s crazy ideas about this product, go here. And if you want to make a batch early then check out the Soylent Discourse and try to patch together your own batch.


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