Gardening on the Glitter Estates

At my house in Pittsburgh, the Glitter Estates, we walked into quite a project. A majority of the topsoil had been removed and all we were left with was clay and mud. There were no plants just one muddy yard.

We got to work quickly first developing a plan of action:
Glitter Gardens Blueprint

Not to much later we laid out all the parts and began getting soil and planting our crops.

We revise our plan a little realizing that we can’t and shouldn’t use the 2x4s on the larger bed opting to use tree logs instead. Me and two of my roommates got to work and went to the woods to chop us some logs. We prepared ourselves by dressing exactly the same and looking menacing:

We quickly realize that chopping up logs and dragging them up hill to the car isn’t nearly as easy as it first seemed. All we had to chop the logs was a little axe and a small saw.

But our teamwork helped us persevere:

And after 5 hours of good hard work we were all exhausted but my car was full of wood:

After a good few days off we positioned the logs and filled up some of the beds with more soil. While it certainly won’t be finished in time for a whole lot of gardening it is going to be a great looking back yard when we’re done and the garden is going to look super awesome next year.


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