Summer is here

For summer solstice I woke up at the ripe hour of 4:30. I had a bus to catch and I decided to celebrate the solstice early by walking all the way to the bus stop. Google maps said it would take about an hour and 10 minutes, turns out it takes that only if you walk briskly the whole way (they don’t realize that Pittsburgh is all hills). Don’t worry I made it on the bus and I narrowly saw the sunset from a parking garage too.

After making myself breakfast to go, home fries and eggs, I started my early morning walk.

After nearly an hour of speed walking I realize that I may not have enough time to see the sunrise. I frantically sped up my walking and snapped a few pictures of the first light.

After walking frantically for another few of minutes I spotted a parking garage. I ran up the stairs to see a beautiful sun rising over the mountains. It made all the worrying and speed walking worth it. After a few quick pictures I ran back down the stairs and made it to the bus with a few minutes to spare waiting in line.

After a long sleep filled bus ride I arrived at Philadelphia.Smiles and I ate lunch together and then I was to myself as she went back to work. With nothing much to do I laid in partial shady of some trees. The relaxation and the sun put me in a semi-high state. I seemed very scatter brained and forgetful but really I was just very relaxed.

I hung out with two of my old roomies, Half Dreadlock and Ana. We had good conversations and I went back to my old place and hung out with them until Smiles was done with work. Half Dreadlock had a lot of interesting things to say and a few crazy ideas to put in my mind, I’ll tell you more about those later.

Finally the longest day was over, sadly for a second year in a row I didn’t see the sun actually set. I was a bit tardy in going to the roof and missed it. But the sunset was pretty and there is always next year to see that bright red ball disappear behind the horizon.


2 thoughts on “Summer is here

  1. Wow! You sure had a full day! I’m glad you have hopes and aspirations in life that go way beyond merely struggling for the almighty dollar. Henry David Thourou was right when he said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”
    Just look at Robin Williams suicide. Laughing on the outside and crying on the in!
    Many Amerikans need a car to get to work and need to work to pay for their car!
    I’m glad I dropped outta that rat race to practice exploration and travel. Am I ic, nihilistic or just plain narcesistic like Elvis, Hitler, Jesus, Napolian, Fidel Castro & others? I dunno. I’ll let you do the math! Haha!

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