Nihilism growing

I heard another song on the radio using a phrase very similar to a nihilist phrase I often say, “doesn’t matter” because as I frequently say, “nothing matters.”

While themes of nihilism increase in our society people are driven to follow their urges and the pressure society puts on them. I can only assume that partying and party culture is increasing, especially after looking at the heavy media emphasis on partying. There are many artists who sing only about partying, drinking, sex and go as far as naming songs, Die Young.

But in a world like this you must find yourself in this void. Letting society determine your desires and goals in life is hardly embracing nihilism nor is it enjoying life. Instead you must go out on your own and pick your own passions, meaning and goals in life

I recently encountered this problem. My hours have been cut at work and I realized I don’t really know what to do with all my free time. I have been striving hard to buy a house, so savings has been a key focus of my life, but what to do with my free time, what do I enjoy doing, what do I live for?

I began writing a list with three categories to help figure this out

I enjoy:
Building and creating things (physical objects)
Fixing things (from electronic hardware to problems with my house)
Foraging (both dumpster and plants)
Spending time with friends
Playing some video games (guilty pleasure)
Reading new on current world events
Ulitmate Frisbee

I want to enjoy:
Sewing, etc

I want to learn:
More about wild edibles
More info about nihilism
How to work on motorcycles/engines
How to fix houses

The list still has a lot of space left to fill out, but it’s a decent start. It’s helping me figure out where my priorities are in life, needn’t be caught up in something trivial while you life passes you by.


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