Moving up, err down in the world?

The bike shop I worked at just got kicked out of our space because the liquor store is expanding. Our bowling alley shaped space has been traded in for a much smaller box size room. Technically we did move up, there were 4 stairs to move up to get to our new space. We moved all of the stuff for the front end on Tuesday and Wednesday leaving the other room empty and desolate.

It also highlights how much space we had and how we actually needed a bit less and needed it a bit better organized. Here are pictures of the old space coming in from the front door.

The new space is a lot cozier and homey feeling. It’s also way better organized, you don’t have to pace back and forth just to sell a bike. Instead you can walk around a small circle, but don’t even have to do it that much! I’ll try and take picture of the new space soon.

Though we aren’t quite yet finished moving in. The mechanic’s area still needs to move. It was thought that we could move it before we got kicked out of the old space (The end of December) but it’s becoming clear that just isn’t as plausible as we thought. I’m going to be going in early the next few days to help out move, hopefully we have the place moved in a week or two.


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