Art for Everyone

As a child we all make art. We all draw and all learn to enjoy this way of expressing ourselves. But as time goes on we stray from this and many of us stop having the time to make art and stop thinking we are good at art – and thus cease making art.

I recently started revisiting art, I’m not good – I’m okay, But I like it and so do other people. I first started by making art a few months ago. I found a sketchpad in a dumpster near a party I was at, I borrowed a pen from a friend and began sketching. I’ve always hated sketching people but for some reason or another that is exactly what I sketched and enjoyed doing so much.


Just yesterday I found a piece of art that reminded me about the importance of art and a group of people trying to bring art to the masses, A4TM, Art 4 The Masses. A4TM posts art in public places and is working to bring art back into the public sphere. I had the pleasure of finding one of these piece of art last night. I hesitated taking it but realized that was what it was for. For me and others to appreciate it and gain from it

I’m certainly doing both and hope to join in on this art is for the masses mentality. I need to get back into art and allow myself to be expressive in different ways. Another thing I enjoy about A4TM is that one of the greatest ways to get rid of this art is to share it with others. I gave my first drawings to those I drew pictures of. I didn’t need the art and I figured who would appreciate it more than the person the drawing is of.

I’m lucky to be friends with artists and live in this art town called Pittsburgh. Art is important and art is for all people. Creatively expressing yourself is a liberating and rewarding experience. It can be enjoyable and expressive, it can even allow you to let go of past emotions. But at the very least art is an enjoyable thing that anyone can do with simply a piece of paper and a pencil.

So try and make art, and share art – I’m going to.


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