This year I wasn’t able to make it home for thanksgiving, the first year I was disappointed to be without my family in a while. Instead I had to stay in Pittsburgh because of a Black Wednesday through Saturday sale at my work. Luckily I had the joy of eating dinner with a bunch of old friends and some new friends. I also realized/remembered that thanksgiving is best spent with a bunch of people, ideally people you love.

A partner and friend of a USASer that has been in one of my friend circles for quite a while threw a thanksgiving potluck dinner. She invited all of those who couldn’t make it home, didn’t have anywhere else to be or simply didn’t know what thanksgiving was. It turned out to be a bunch of friends including Juju and her boyfriend. We reminisced about people we hadn’t seen, ate delicious food and had great fun.

I had spent the past so many thanksgivings only with my immediate family. I hadn’t done otherwise for 10 years. These dinners were always something quite uneventful, whether I liked or hated my family. Same dishes, same people – nothing too exciting.

This year was very different. It was filled with food, so much food that I nearly exploded. I experienced the thanksgiving everyone seems to talk about. The one where you unbutton your belt and try to cram just a little bit more food in your stomach. I had three helpings of food and two helpings of dessert. It was the best thanksgiving since the ones I spent with my extended family so many years ago.

I’m excited for next thanksgiving and hope it is even half as good and filling as this one. Also I just remembered I still have a Friendsgiving vegan potluck on Saturday to get excited for! Best thanksgiving time yet!

And now a thanksgiving tradition – no I’m not going to talk about how horrible this holiday is besides this photo.
Instead I need to say what I’m thankful for this year! I’m thankful for all my friends, family and loved ones. I’m so thankful you all helped me out of the slump I was in and now I can appreciate all the great great people and great things around me. I am truly lucky to have collected all the wonderful people in my life I have so far. I hope to not stop collecting or appreciating all the people I have in my life.

I’m also happy for Pittsburgh, for the coming winter (Philly doesn’t have winter and it drove me crazy), and having brightened spirits once more. Spend you days folks, spends your days!


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