Sport Utility Bike

Here are pictures of my recently built dream city/cargo bike, or as I call it my Sport Utility Bike. I built it around a Nuvinci internal hub and Dynamo Front hub. After lacing those to rims I put them on a Surly Ogre frame. And finally my bike began putting itself together at the end, such as the front rack and trunk bag on the front.


-Continuously variable transmission, there aren’t 8 or 10 gears but infinite gears thanks to the Nuvinci rear hub.
-Generator front hub – Shimano Alfine dynamo.
-Front rack is a rear rack that fits just right.
-Custom made fender hardware to fit fenders at proper height.
-Double legged kickstand that was the hardest thing in the world to install, Thanks Surly!

Full picture album here.

I don’t have any lights hooked up to the dynamo but I hope to make my own this winter. I also am working on making a steering stabilizer spring to hold the front wheel steady when kickstand is engaged.

Here is some more information on the kickstand. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll try and recreate it. I sadly misused my kickstand and put too much force on it bending the screw and making it perpetually rattle so I have since removed it. The kickstand in combination with the steering stabilizer was amazing though, and it felt as though I was riding a motorcycle with how stiff of a spring I got (so I could load down the front rack and not worry about it moving side to side).





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